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How to Write a Book

Here are some strategies on how to write a book. First, let's think of some ideas on what to write in your book. The short and simple answer that we tell all of our clients is this "Write What You Know." It doesn't matter if it is a fiction book or a non fiction book. Simply write what you know and what your passion is. If your hobby and passion is fixing computer printers then that is what you can write about. If your hobby and passion are kids, and you have an idea for a exciting teen mystery, now you know what you can write about. Or if you have an extended family and your passion is cooking and baking and you've always wanted to do a family heirloom recipe book. This is your hobby and passion and this is what you should write about. Especially if this is your first book write what you know. Writing a book is hard work. It is time consuming, and sometimes it can be tedious. When you write about your passion though you will appreciate the effort and your ambition and enthusiasm will be higher to reach the finish line. There is a light to the end of the tunnel and when you write what you know you will reach that light faster.

Next, let's learn about about some of the how long your book should be