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How Writing a Book Helps You

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to write a book or if you’re asking yourself what to write about? You have come to the right place.

Recently, Mike Schultz, a world renowned consultant and co-President of the RAIN group was featured in an article on Mr. Schultz and his team had just published The Business impact of Writing a Book which included the results from their survey of 200 business-book authors. In the article Schutlz stated that having a book can boost your bottom line both directly and indirectly.

An article published by on the impact of how a book can help a business quotes Schultz about what he learned from the survey here:

"The vast majority of the authors we surveyed -- 96% -- said they did realize a significant positive impact on their businesses from writing a book and would recommend the practice."

Schultz goes on to note that the primary business benefits that authors cited were things like "generating more leads, closing more deals, charging higher fees, and getting better speaking engagements."

Becoming an author and having your own book gives you instant expert status, boosts your credibility and can help you grow your business.

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