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Affiliate Program

Great Point Publishing presents our Treasure Hunter Affiliate Marketer Program!

Do you use a Great Point product that you love and think others would appreciate it also?

Do you participate in one of our Great Point Partnership Programs and have

colleagues that could benefit from participating in the program also?

Want to make some extra cash?

We are proud to announce that you can join our team as part of our brand new Treasure Hunter Affiliate Marketer Program.

Here is how our Affiliate Program works and the technicalities of it all...

How to Sign Up as an Affiliate:

To sign up as an affiliate go to this link

This URL is also your login to your own Affiliate Stats Mini-Site.  When you go to this URL you will have the option to create an affiliate account (or log in if  you already have a DPD affiliate account).

You will then be able to generate your own unique hop links to certain products published by Great Point Publishing, and also view your stats and expected commissions.

What store products or partnership programs published by Great Point Publishing are eligible for the Treasure Hunter Affiliate Program?

The Funeral Director's Treasure Map is currently the only partnership program and product eligible for the Treasure Hunter Affiliate Program. You can learn more about it in the Store and also in the Affiliate Tools page.

What is the Affiliate Tools page?

The Affiliate Tools page is a free resource that is here to help make it easier for you to successfully convert sales so you earn more money. We try to keep our Affiliate Tools page updated with new ideas also to help you sell easier and faster. You can check out our Affiliate Tools Page here. If you have any ideas or useful tools that you think could help affiliates let us know your ideas in a contact page and we will try our best to produce your suggestion and see if it is something that we can provide on the Affiliate Tools page in the future.

What is your affiliate cookie lifetime?

One month. (This is how long you will get credit for a potential buyer sent to your hoplink, even if the buyer doesn't decide to buy right away or closes their browser.  According to most affiliate programs set this at one month).

How do I get paid?

When a customer makes a purchase using your unique hoplink. You receive a commission for that purchase.

What is the percentage commission that you pay?

It depends on the product or partnership program. More info TBA.

What are Hoplink URLs?

Hoplink URLs will send traffic to the store web page (Store Hoplink) or product sales page (Individual Product Hoplinks) and will automatically log you as the affiliate for any successful conversions that occur with your referred traffic.

When do i get paid?

At the moment payments are generated on a monthly basis by once the month ends. You will be paid from Great Point Publishing for the previous month. You will be sent your payment via We try to send payments by the second Friday of the following month. For example: The payout for September would be sent to you the second Friday of October.

How do I get paid?

By PayPal.

Is there any other option to get paid?

Nope. Sorry, this is the DPD Affiliate payment system not ours.

Is there a place where I can get more information about hoplinks and stuff?

Sure just head to knowledgebase at getdpd (more info and screenshots of how to access support help at DPD is at bottom of this page).

This sounds awesome! How do I Sign Up as an Affiliate:

Thanks! We think so too! To sign up as an affiliate go to this link

OK. Cool! Now that I am signed up as an Affiliate, How do I login to my Affiliate Page?

To login to your affiliate page go to this link

P.S. After you sign up as an Affiliate you will receive an email that looks like this:

And when you open that email from DPD it will contain helpful links for you and also look similar to this:


Hope this helps and Thank You for signing up for the Great Point Publishing Treasure Hunter Affiliate Program!