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He was already retired when they offered him the job. Now, he has to solve a crime everyone wanted to commit…

Inspector Charles Grogan works his cases with a time-honored eye for detail. With an education earned on the streets, the former NYPD homicide detective doesn’t trust the tech-savvy new guard nearly as much as his own proven abilities. But when he’s coaxed out of retirement to become a small town’s chief of police, his anticipated quiet life ends abruptly when a hated headmaster is found speared.

With a list of suspects longer than the school’s enrollment, Grogan ditches his initial suspicion and partners with the highly intellectual faculty member he almost arrested. But when a key witness disappears, the unlikely duo fears they’re in a race against time to reel in the killer.

Can the pair zero in on the most popular murderer on campus before somebody else gets skewered?

If you like endearing partnerships, subtle suspense, and shocking twists, then you’ll love Paul Morgan’s fast-paced page-turner. Buy Execution at Willistead to hook the culprit today!


Welcome back to Willistead!

When an unexpected suspicious visitor arrives at Headmaster Douglas Russell’s office, Russell is concerned for the reputation of the Academy and the community. He calls his friend Inspector Grogan to look into the matter. Together the duo discover that the visitor not only has an alias, but also has an ulterior motive – Revenge at Willistead!

Can the wise Professor and the experienced Inspector work their magic a second time and save Willistead Academy again?

Find out in Revenge at Willistead, the second book in the THE WILLISTEAD CRIME SERIES!




Struggling with recent employment loss?

Tired of applying endlessly?

Feeling disheartened at every turn?

With years of corporate experience helping job hunters achieve success, certified career coach Frank DeMaio has dedicated himself to improving the lives of his fellow workers. And now he’s here to share his hard-won guide to getting into the office and accelerating to the top. Loss to Boss: How to Find a Job is a straightforward look at the often-difficult realities of coming to terms with securing new employment. In Loss to Boss, DeMaio reframes the tiresome picture into something more clearly approachable, helping you begin your career change to create impressive growth. Click here to learn more or purchase




Hometown Sports Heroes, Vol. 2 features 16 more classic baseball tales from Sports Writer, Mike Hauser. In Volume 2 of his Hometown Sports Heroes Series, Hauser takes you from Stamford, CT to Hollywood, CA. From Randall, NY to the country of Cuba. From Cohasset, MA to the Major League Baseball World Series... in an incredible journey of baseball short stories that are only available in these books. These tales told aren’t just one area’s Hometown Sports Heroes, these are our Hometown Sports! Click here to read more about Hauser's second book or to purchase







Hometown Sports Heroes, Vol. 1 - now available in Paperback is a collection of 16 classic baseball short stories written by sports historian Mike Hauser, that takes you from 1886 era baseball, to the early 1900s, to modern day baseball. This is a book for baseball historians. This is a book for fans of our national pastime. And, this is also a book of short stories meant to be read and told from your eyes to the younger generation, just as it originally started from the author’s original Hometown Sports Hero, his grandfather, Earl Way. Now is your time to read and share the stories. These are our Hometown Sports Heroes. Click here learn more about this incredible collection of baseball tales or to purchase a copy.






`The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena to Our Lady - Memorial Edition Copies

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Rosary Novenas to Our Lady - Kindle Edition, by Christopher Hallenbeck, features the entire 54 Day Rosary Novena typed out for you. This edition is available on for use with any Kindle Reader or the Kindle App on your Smart Phone. The electronic bookmark in your Kindle reader automatically saves your place for you so you never forget what day you are on. This book features all 20 mysteries of the Rosary. Also included in this book are the 15 Promises of Mary to Christians who Pray the Rosary, a How to Pray the Rosary image, an inspirational Rosary Novena story,  plus each Rosary Mystery contains a color picture to help you remember the 20 mysteries of the Rosary easier. Thanks to modern technology this 919 page book can now be on your cell phone using the Kindle Reader App, or it can be on your Kindle Fire. The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena to Our Lady Prayer Guide is now available for an introductory price of only $2.99

The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena to Our Lady -Paperback Edition***is a 108 page paperback book similar to the Kindle edition. The paperback also includes a link for you inside the book for you so you can download a Free 54 Day Novena Calendar online to help you keep track of what day that you're on. To read reviews on the book or to purchase it today check out the listing on Amazon here

*** NOTE: As of January 2020, The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena to Our Lady, is now available in five different languages in both paperback format and also Kindle. The five languages that this book is available in are; English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

This 8.5" x 11" Christian Prayer Journal is loads of coloring fun with Christian Coloring Sheets and Daily Prayer Journal Entries for 50 Days! This helps You Improve Your Art Talents, Writing Skills, and Develop a Daily Prayer Routine. Creating Calm, Peaceful, and Enjoyable Moments to the Daily Lives of Both Kids and Adults! This Christian Color Book is a Perfect Gift for Family, Friends or Students in Your Class!

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Looking to succeed in the food industry?

Discover the tactics that make patrons want to buy more and fatten your wallet.

New to sales and struggling to improve purchases? Desperate to widen those razor-thin restaurant profit margins? With experience forged on the hot side of a pizza oven, Christopher Hallenbeck has seen every slice of the business pie and served it with a smile. And now he’s here to show how with a little extra push, you can get anybody to bite.

The 8 Step Upselling Advantage: How to Increase Sales in Your Restaurant is an all-encompassing recipe for turning transactions in your favor. Through bolstering the bottom line and beating the competition, you’ll gain the power to send your numbers skyrocketing. And by developing a playbook for every flavor of transaction, you’ll have confident answers to the questions that earn you more cash.

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One evening, at the end of May in 1952, Laurene Johnson attended a Catholic social dance in Sioux City, Iowa. Across the crowded ballroom floor, a young man named Vern Counter introduced himself to her. The next night they went on a double date together. The following year, they were married. In 1953, Vern and Laurene started a family, and during the next 24 years, the family grew to 16 children! When people would find out that Laurene was a mother to 16 children, they would say “You should write a book!” – One day Laurene started writing, and years later her writings turned into: Tapestry – A Memoir. Laurene and Vern experienced many challenges during their 63-year marriage. However, Laurene’s faith, and devotion to both her family, and Catholicism, enabled her to find incredible strength and courage every day. Tapestry is a collection of stories of a mother who would have many crosses to bear. Every time that Laurene fell, she got back up - just like Jesus did- continuing to inspire her husband, her children, and grandchildren. Now the time has come for you to both learn from Laurene, and be inspired by her, in Tapestry: A Memoir

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Hometown Sports Heroes, Classic Baseball Tales, Books 1-4, by Mike Hauser present a collection of 17 total short stories of classic baseball tales. This package features 4 books at the special introductory price of only 99 cents each. This collection is available on and you can purchase the books here.



Hometown Sports Heroes, Classic Football Tales, Books 5 & 6, by Mike Hauser present a collection of 7 total short stories of classic football tales. Now available on at a special introductory price of only 99 cents each.






Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Recipe Book, by Ryan Pakenas, presents 6 Bloody Mary Recipes where you can learn how to make a Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary, Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Chicken Wings, and more. Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Sticks are the world’s first single serve bloody mix in a stick pack. Now you can use any tomato juice you want. Instant, consistent flavor without the hassle of so many ingredients. Available on now for a special introductory price of only 99 cents.







Grimms Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales by: The Brothers Grimm, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859), were born in Hanau, near Frankfurt, in the German state of Hesse. They were best (and universally) known for the collection of over two hundred folk tales they made from oral sources and published in two volumes of ‘Nursery and Household Tales’ in 1812 and 1814. Originally The Brothers Grimm simply hoped to preserve the tales as part of German cultural and literary history. Their collection was even first published with scholarly notes and no illustration. However, the tales soon came into the possession of young readers, and they have been an essential ingredient of children’s reading ever since. This collection contains a total of 62 stories and you can download it at no cost in the Great Point Publishing Free Library when you join the free Great Point Publishing Silver Treasure Hunter Program here




Free Download of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is an 1813 romantic novel by Jane Austen, that revolves around the importance of marrying for love, not simply for money, despite the social pressures to make a good (i.e., wealthy) match. Pride and Prejudice has long fascinated readers, consistently appearing near the top of lists of "most-loved books" among literary scholars and the general public. It has become one of the most popular novels in English literature, with over 20 million copies sold and paved the way for many archetypes that abound in modern literature. The novel charts the emotional development of the protagonist Elizabeth Bennet, who learns the error of making hasty judgments and comes to appreciate the difference between the superficial and the essential.  (source). You can download this book free by joining the Silver Treasure Hunter Program





The 54 Day Rosary Novena Calendar Spreadsheet File for Microsoft Excel- As offered on page 22 in the print edition of The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena Daily Prayer Guide Book. Here is the 54 Day Rosary Novena Calendar Spreadsheet to help you keep track of what day you are on. You can download the Spreadsheet by joining the free Great Point Publishing Silver Treasure Hunter Program here





Immaculate Mary - Ukulele Tablature arranged by Christopher Hallenbeck

Download the popular Ukulele tablature arranged for the Traditional Catholic Hymn, "Immaculate Mary", arranged by Christopher Hallenbeck, available for free for a limited time. If you want to hear a sample of the song, you can listen to it on youtube here.

You can download this ukulele tablature as part of the free Great Point Publishing Silver Treasure Hunter Program here