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We have some products that are going to be in this section soon. We are just working on the finishing touches. Check back in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Recipe Book, by Ryan Pakenas, presents 6 Bloody Mary Recipes where you can learn how to make a Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary, Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Chicken Wings, and more. Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Sticks are the world’s first single serve bloody mix in a stick pack. Now you can use any tomato juice you want. Instant, consistent flavor without the hassle of so many ingredients. Available on now for a special introductory price of only 99 cents.






The Obituary Writing Workbook is a step by step tutorial that teaches you how to write an obituary that displays the personality, and uniqueness of a family member or friend’s life. This book also includes 7 obituary examples. With the samples provided you will learn the structure of an obituary quicker, and also have ideas provided of what to write about. When combining the step by step tutorial along with brainstorm ideas that you learn by reading the samples, you will now able write the obituary faster and easier. When the obituary is published your composition will impress the audience and it will also serve as a great honor and beautiful tribute to the deceased.  This e-book is delivered to you after purchase via download link.




The Eulogy Writing Workbook is a step by step tutorial that helps you find the right words to honor the deceased leaving your audience inspired and impressed with the eulogy that you wrote. This book also includes 7 examples of complete eulogies, giving you samples that will help you brainstorm ideas of what you could say in the funeral speech. Eulogy examples included in this book are…Eulogy for a Friend…Eulogy for a Grandfather…Eulogy for a Grandmother…Eulogy for a Stepfather…Eulogy for a Mother… and others… Read this book and you will definitely learn how to write a eulogy and present the best funeral speech possible. This e-book is delivered to you after purchase via download link.




Book Bundle #1 Special Offer! Save over 10% when you order this book bundle set containing both The Obituary Writing Workbook and also The Eulogy Writing Workbook, both written by Christopher Hallenbeck.