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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have a book written how do I contact you about publishing the project?

A: Congrats on writing your book! This is a huge accomplishment. To discuss your project you can use the contact page here to reach us.

Q: I'm having trouble redeeming a coupon code that I received how do I redeem it?

A: We're going to answer this question is two parts. Here's Part 1. Make sure your coupon code did not expire. Part 2. If you're positive that the coupon code is not expired then check out the detailed screen shot step by step instructions in our help desk webpage on how to redeem your coupon code.

Q: What credit/debit cards does Great Point Publishing LLC accept?

A:   We accept the following cards



Q: I have heard so many great things about your webinars do you have a webinar calendar where I can view when upcoming webinars are scheduled so I can sign up to attend one?

A: Thanks! Yes we do get a lot of compliments on them. Here is the upcoming webinar schedule.

Q: How can I sign up to attend a webinar?

A: It's easy. Webinar signup opportunities are here

Q: I am an Affiliate Marketer for some of your products, where can I find the graphics that you provide?

A:  Hi there! Thanks for signing up to be an Affiliate Marketer. Graphics and Copy to help you be successful can be found at the Affiliates Tools page